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Our aim is to include one episode of each series in the database. This will be determined by

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Our aim is to provide a representation of as many shows as possible

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Welcome to the Home Of The Encyclopaedia Of Australian Radio Shows

EarsDB was created because of a lack of available information. About 5 years ago we formed a group that aspired to promote and preserve one of the important eras in Australia's history:

The Golden Age of Australian Radio 1932 - 1962 and beyond

The problem was - where was all the information on the era?

If we were going to preserve and promote where were the answers to the following questions

As the answers to these were not readily forthcoming EarsDB was born

What is EarsDB?

EAERSdb the only resource on the golden age of radio available publicallyEarsDB is a computer based database that lists Australian Radio Shows of the Golden Age and beyond. The aim is to list all Australian radio shows aired during the Golden Age of Australian Radio and beyond.

Over 5700 shows are listed as are nearly 1900 people involved. refer sidebar for latest statistics

You now can own this major resource.

We now offer you the opportunity to purchase this database so can can have the information at your fingertips.

We also include over 350 episodes to listen as well as around 2000 images of the people and shows listed.

EarsDB will be regularly updated

As part of the purchase price you will receive regular updates of data, sound and images as these are added to the database

The following details of series are displayed (where available)

  • Series Title
  • Production House
  • Date/Station/Times First Aired
  • Series Synopsis
  • Episode Details
  • People involved i.e actors, producers, scriptwriters etc
  • The following information is displayed for people involved (where available)

  • Persons Name
  • Appearances in Series
  • One off appearances
  • Biographical information